Extension Springs

Springmakers manufacture a wide a variety of extension springs to our customers' exact specific requirements. Our full design and prototyping service allows the time between initial conception to working product to take only a matter of hours. Effective spring design is critical to ensure longevity as most breakages/failure occur, we specialize in solving these problems and provide workable solutions.

Available in many different end-type configurations, such as: threaded inserts, swivel eyes, crossover center loops, hooks, expanded eyes, reduced eyes, rectangular ends and teardrop-shaped ends, which can all be produced to vary the distance from the spring body. At the design stage, the length of the hooks at each end of the spring can be adjusted in order to precisely obtain the required spring load at any extended position.

extension spring

Extension Springs:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Silicon Chrome
  • Chrome Vanadium
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Various grades of alloy steels including Inconel and Nimonic

Various plating and finishes can be applied to improve resistance to adverse environments:

  • Zinc Plate (Yellow/silver etc)
  • Nylon Coatings (e.g. Xylan)
  • Delta Tone/Seal
  • Powder-coating in any colour
  • Light Oil Coating

extension spring

Extension Springs:

Request an Extension Spring Quote...

For Quotation purposes it will helpful to provide the following information (If a pre-existing design is available; if not just supply us with a brief description of its function and working environment to aid design):

  • Material type and size
  • Outside/Inside diameter of the spring body
  • Free Length inside the loops
  • End eye configuration e.g full loops, swivel eyes, extended loops etc.
  • Spring rate/ Load at pre-determined extended length

Please Telephone 01594 825 928 with your enquiry

Outside office hours please email your request through using our contact Springmakers Redditch form.

About Springmakers

Custom spring manufacturing to your specifications.

Small to medium batch runs and our prototype services are our principle focus.

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Much of our reputation has been built on reliability and a fast production time, in many cases a 24/48 hour service is available on custom items; and same day deliveries can be arranged for breakdowns.

Many of our customers use a scheduled order system, whereby we hold stock and deliver your product exactly when required, this allows for increased cost-effectiveness and less storage.

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